Universal Photo Timer

The Universal Photo Timer enables you to capture split second events such as falling water drops, popping balloons or ballistics shots.

It is extremely difficult or even impossible to achieve this type of high speed photography with standard photographic equipment. The Universal Photo Timer provides an affordable solution to high speed photography.

Water Drop Sequence - High Speed Photography


The Universal Photo Timer features a four digit LED display and a simple 4 button interface. The LED display is ideal for operating in the darkroom. Scrolling text messages provide intuitive user menus. A buzzer is used to provide audible feedback.

The timer is battery operated, no extra power cords to worry about.

Universal Photo Timer - Top View

The Universal Photo Timer includes two sensor connectors and two flash outputs. The timer flash outputs are industry-standard mini phone connections (3.5mm or 1/8").

Universal Photo Timer - Front View

The Universal Photo Timer is designed to interface with various professional and consumer brands of cameras and electronic flashes. Please check the specifications page for product compatibility or contact us for details.

External sensor connections provide expansion capability for a wide range of custom sensors such as: motion, sound/vibration or light sensors.

Universal Photo Timer offers the following key functions:

Flash Trigger

The timer allows you to fire an electronic flash with a programmable delay in response to a trigger event.

Flash trigger is commonly used in high speed photography for capturing falling water drops or popping balloons. The Timer can be configured to open your camera shutter and wait for a trigger to occur.  Once the trigger occurs, the timer activates the flash and closes the camera shutter to prevent accidental overexposure.

The timer connects the flash through common hot shoe adapter with 3.5mm plug (Pocket Wizard style cables).

Choose from a variety of our sensors and accessories.

Camera Trigger

The Timer can activate the shutter of your camera with a programmable delay in response to a trigger event.

The Timer provides multiple methods to interface to your camera. It acts as an infra-red transmitter used to activate the camera shutter. The Universal Photo Timer is pre-programmed with Nikon and Cannon camera codes. The unit is also capable of learning infra-red codes from your existing camera remote. Alternatively you can connect the timer to your camera with a shutter release cable.

Programmable Photographic Timer

The Timer helps you to capture pictures of wildlife, night-time star trails or take time lapse photography. The Universal Photo Timer can be configured for long exposures (bulb mode) with many SLR cameras.  It can also be programmed to activate the shutter at regular intervals to perform time lapse photography.

Flash Slave Unit

Acts as a flash slave. One of the common uses of a flash slave is providing background illumination through a second flash unit (one or two flashes can be connected). 

Strobe Controller

Activate your flash repeated number of times in response to a trigger. Configure a number of flashes and a delay between them. It can be configured to activate your flash multiple times with a configurable delay. Strobe function can be triggered through a sensor just as any other function.

Solenoid and Valve Controller (available only on UPT_KIT1C timer model)

The output controller version of the timer (UPT_KIT1C) has two independent multipurpose outputs. The outputs can be used to control the timing of solenoids or water vales (through an external solenoid interface board). You can use one output for controlling the valve and the second output for activating the flash.


For more information, see Universal Photo Timer connectivity options