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High Speed Photography

Have you ever wondered how photographers were able to capture a water splash, a bursting balloon, or a bullet hitting a fruit? Such pictures are taken through the science and art of high speed photography.

High speed photography allows you to take pictures of very fast phenomena, things that are normally invisible to the human eye. The photograph itself may be taken in a way as to appear to freeze the motion.

Harold Edgerton was a pioneer in the High Speed Photography field, and was the first photographer credited with attempting it. His pioneering research in stroboscopic photography still inspires many photographers to recreate his results. You see his legacy through Edgerton Digital Collections project web site.

The high speed photography has very broad uses. Sports photographers use high-speed photography to shoot fast-moving sporting events like car, bike or horse racing. Scientists use high speed photography to capture the physics of explosions. High-speed photography has transformed into an art form, as art galleries and magazines often display stunning high-speed photographs.

Very often the most interesting pictures show collisions. Making an exposure at the right moment involves predicting the exact time of the collision. Universal Photo Timer is the device allowing you to synchronize the split second events with digital accuracy and create your own stunning pictures.

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